Sumini’s Story – A World Water Day Success Story

Today is World Water Day and we have a happy story to share with you! This is the story of a young girl named Sumini. Granted, the beginning of the story is sad because the people of her village, Mbota in Malawi, had to collect their water out of a hand-dug pit. That’s where we […]

US Media Outlet Posts Article About WWFA Blossom Project

After our first Blossom Changing Room was complete, we were fortunate to get coverage by the multi-media news outlet Epoch Times. The article does a great job of sharing the impact these buildings dedicated to girls are having. Remote African Schools Now Thriving Due to Efforts by SoCal Nonprofit ‘With the installation of the water […]

WWFA’s Work Reported in Media

On December 2, 2022, The Epoch Times media outlet printed an article about our work at WWFA. We invite you to read the positive report of our efforts to bring clean water to people who are in need in Malawi Africa. Below please find the link to their online posting and the text: California […]

Record Number of Wells Installed in 2020

2020 was a challenge in so many ways. Life changed for everyone, but at least most of us have running water to wash our hands and stay hydrated. For many in Malawi this is an obstacle to hygiene and health. There’s some good news to share with you though.

Montana Newspaper Shares WWFA News

The Kalispell Times banner

The Kalispell Times in Montana recently published an article about the work of Water Wells for Africa (WWFA). The article was written by our own photojournalist John Fredricks. At the time of this article posting, John is in Malawi with the WWFA Team documenting well installations, celebrations, and dedications. John has a heart for those […]

Water is Necessary for Brick-Making

Water is vital for life—both the sustaining of life and improving living conditions—so that’s why we are happy that #WorldWaterWeek is bringing focus to the many issues around the availability and cleanliness of water. Water Wells for Africa is dedicated to providing clean and accessible water to people living in hard-to-reach rural areas of Africa. […]

Gardens Grow Due to Water Wells

Today in recognition of #WorldWaterWeek, we’re celebrating this WWFA water well which was placed in Lita village. Their neighbors in the villages of Juma and Loro also use this well. WWFA drilled 45 meters deep to strike water and it’s been flowing generously for almost a year now. Our wells have been proven to last […]

A Tale of Two Villages – Juma and Mthikila

In honor of World Water Week, we’re sharing stories of water wells we installed previously and just recently went back to visit. Thirty Families Benefit from WWFA Water Well Juma and Mthikila are villages located in the northern part of Thyolo District, in the southern region of Malawi. There are 30 households using the Afridev […]

World Water Week 2018

Water is life! That’s why we’re excited that there’s a special week on the calendar dedicated to emphasizing the importance of fresh, abundant water: #WorldWaterWeek #WWWeek Water Wells for Africa (WWFA) was founded because we believe that people in the rural African community deserve sustainable water sources which will improve their lives in every way […]

New Beautiful Water Source for Bwanali Village

By Edwin White, WWFA Malawi Drilling Coordinator I’m happy to report that the Bwanali borehole was installed on 26th of May 2018. Before they got their own borehole (water well) the Bwanali people were depending on the swamps for their water source. The nearest water well was 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) away so nobody went […]