Water is life!

That’s why we’re excited that there’s a special week on the calendar dedicated to emphasizing the importance of fresh, abundant water: #WorldWaterWeek #WWWeek

Water Wells for Africa (WWFA) was founded because we believe that people in the rural African community deserve sustainable water sources which will improve their lives in every way including reducing health risks associated with contaminated water.

Because of caring supporters who partner with us in this mission, we’ve been able to install more than 185 water wells since 1996…and we have many more boreholes to drill.

The real success is not the initial installation of the wells, it’s the fact that they continue to work and provide water for many years!

Recently, WWFA Founder Kurt Dahlin returned to the original well that he raised funding for and installed in 1996 in Nchiwa village, Mulanje district in Malawi. This is the one that got this organization started—and twenty years later, it was still pumping forth water.

Well worn, but not broken, the well continues to provide water.

For World Water Week, we’re sharing some stories of wells we installed previously and just recently went back to visit.

Please check back each day…or if the week has passed and you’re just seeing this, please go ahead and read these uplifting stories now!