About Us

As our Founder and President Kurt Dahlin says, “Water is life.”

At Water Wells for Africa (WWFA), we believe clean water is the first step out of poverty and that those without any should have it first. We’re thankful to work with our compassionate donors whose gift of a water well relieves suffering and improves the lives of many.

Our organization is made up of two basic teams: Our business center is in the United States. This is where we manage the operations, handle administration, fundraising, and communications. Our WWFA-Malawi team in Africa carries out the scouting, drill rig coordination, installation, training, and follow-up.

We’ve been providing water wells since 1996, and officially registered the organization as a corporation in 2007 and as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2008.

For almost three decades, we’ve been hard at work addressing the global water crisis. Our agile nonprofit has been able to supply over 450 sustainable water sources that over 350,000 people access every day in the most unreachable and remote African villages.

We invite you to join us in providing water wells for people in need!


WWFA promotes rural African community development by providing sustainable water sources and reducing health risks associated with contaminated water.


WWFA believes in honoring indigenous African cultures and their way of life. We work cooperatively with local leadership to empower them toward sustaining the development of their entire community.

You’ll enjoy the story of our organization’s beginnings on our History page.