Gift of Stock

Donating shares of stock is an excellent way to provide clean water to people in Africa!

There are great tax advantages for you if you choose to donate this way.

And we have a convenient way to transfer the stock to WWFA: You can use the stock donation form to the right.

Donors can typically claim the fair market value of the donated stocks as tax deductions and can avoid paying capital gains taxes on stock that has increased in value while you held it.

Donations of stock have a benefit for WWFA as well because we’ll receive the full value of the stock, which can all be used towards installing water wells for people in need.

How to Donate Your Shares of Stocks

Please use our giving form in the upper left section of this page. First click the “stock” button, then select your Stock Ticker Symbol and Stock Name and input the quantity of shares you’d like to donate. You’ll then see the equivalent dollar value, which must be at least $500 in order to complete your donation. Then, please enter your personal contact information and broker information.

If you have any questions:

Please call us at 310-995-7079 and leave a voicemail message. We’ll return your call as soon as possible!

Alternatively, please email us:

Thank you for donating to provide clean water via this excellent method!