Water is vital for life—both the sustaining of life and improving living conditions—so that’s why we are happy that #WorldWaterWeek is bringing focus to the many issues around the availability and cleanliness of water.

Water Wells for Africa is dedicated to providing clean and accessible water to people living in hard-to-reach rural areas of Africa.

Wazilamu is a village in the east bank of the Shire river in Chikwawa District—close to the southern tip of Malawi.

This village is made up of relocated people from flood-prone areas. This is one of the very hottest areas in Malawi; in summer temperatures can reach over 100°.

Most of the streams and rivers get dried up so quickly and cause the area to experience intense dry spells.

So, as you can imagine, the installation of a water well by WWFA in this area was indeed an answered prayer. The community can now mold bricks for their homes and community developmental structures using water well “runoff water.”

Now that they have access to water, the community is also planning to make a tree nursery.

This village has a large number of families benefiting from water well. This is evidenced by the long queues of people we found on the well as shown in the picture below. They said there is always a queue like that, but they are not bothered by it because they used to have to hike a long distance and many people were made sick by the impure water.

Many thanks to all the kind supporters of WWFA who helped make this well a reality!