A Tale of Two Villages – Juma and Mthikila

In honor of World Water Week, we’re sharing stories of water wells we installed previously and just recently went back to visit.

Thirty Families Benefit from WWFA Water Well

Juma and Mthikila are villages located in the northern part of Thyolo District, in the southern region of Malawi.

There are 30 households using the Afridev water pump that WWFA installed in November of 2017.

Our team visited Juma on the 31st of July 2018 to inspect the well and follow-up with the people.


Local Woman is Healthier

A female villager named Lusiya Frame, age 44, told us that she used to drink water from a shallow well in a river bank; the contaminated water gave her diarrhea.

During the rainy season, the shallow wells used to get filled up with mud which was forced the ladies to walk a one-hour distance in search of good water. This would delay household work and farming.

Growing Food for Sustenance and Sales

In fact, most people in these two villages earn their living selling vegetables. This means they need abundant water to tend to their gardens. However, most streams and rivers are greatly diminished during the dry season.

The not-even-one-year-old WWFA water well now provides the water they need for their gardens to grow! Now the people pump water into buckets and pour it over their plants.

Lives Are Greatly Improved and Gratitude Abounds!

Here you can see one of the Juma villagers who is showing us where they used to draw water before WWFA came to their rescue. They used to struggle to reach this place, especially the older ladies during the rainy season.

And Lusiya tells us, she no longer is plagued with digestive problems. We’re so happy for her and others whose daily lives are improved so much.

While we were visiting this old water point and checking the new water well to make sure it still works correctly, the whole community were telling us how grateful they are for what the generous supporters of WWFA did for them!