Record Number of Wells Installed in 2020

2020 was a challenge in so many ways. Life changed for everyone, but at least most of us have running water to wash our hands and stay hydrated. For many in Malawi this is an obstacle to hygiene and health.

There’s some good news to share with you though. Despite the pandemic’s effects on our operations and fundraising: Last year we broke a record! In 2020, we INSTALLED 40 WATER WELLS in Malawi!

We appreciate supporters sticking with us through good times and bad. It feels very good to help others when the world is troubled.

Following are the communities whose residents’ lives were dramatically transformed in 2020 with WWFA water wells:

  • 10 wells in Thyolo district
  • 10 wells in Machinga district
  • 10 wells in Mangochi district
  • 10 wells in school campuses

Regarding that last number being on school campuses, did you know that in September of 2020 we learned about 600 schools in Malawi without access to clean and close water? It’s true: These children (and teachers & staff) couldn’t properly wash their hands to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Our hearts were broken hearing this, so we scrambled into action to help the students, teachers, and their community.

The 10 schools we met in 2020 all had similar stories: Their water source was around one mile away. Children would have to miss lessons to make the trek to collect and bring back water that’s not even clean. You can see in the photo above how happy the kids are with their new water well!

We’re kicking off 2021 getting clean water into more remote and rural communities with new water wells, and we’re identifying the next schools to receive our WWFA wells.

If you’d like to be part of our life-saving work, please make a donation towards a water well — each one radically changes at least 500 lives!

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