World Water Day 2020 Petition

Hello Care2 Friend and Welcome to WWFA

We’re thankful you signed the petition to “flush one less time” on World Water Day, March 22, 2020.  You care about water issues and so do we!

That’s why – with the help of compassionate people like you – we’ve installed 230 water wells in Africa in the last 20 years!

Does it surprise you to learn that in today’s world there are people who don’t have access to clean, healthy water?

Does it upset you that women and children bear the burden of carrying water long distances?

Yes? Same with us.  :-)

When you partner with us at WWFA, you bring clean, healthy water to people in remote, hard-to-reach places in Africa. This will be their first water ever!

Good things happen

You’ll see your investment in life make really good things happen!

  • Women will have quality time to care for their family.
  • Girls will attend school regularly.
  • Gardens will grow.
  • Bricks will be made for houses.

    People will be healthy and flourish because of your help!

Please take 1 minute to watch this inspirational video about installing wells with WWFA!

Please stay connected to us!

Thank you for caring about people who need water!