WWFA at United Nations Conference 2010

Water Wells for Africa at the United Nations

It was a great honor for WWFA Founder and President Kurt Dahlin and his daughters Kristina and Danika to be invited to participate on a United Nations panel at the “19th International Conference on Health and Environment: Global Partners for Global Solutions.”

On April 22, 2010, the Dahlins presented their prepared report entitled, “Child Health and Social Development: Combating Water Contamination in Rural African Villages.”

They shared information about the death and illness that bad water causes, and how the deadly germs are ingested and spread.

The Dahlins also conveyed reasons to have hope: There are low-cost solutions that WWFA teaches to encourage personal hygiene which greatly reduces contamination. Additionally, organizations such as WWFA and others are providing clean water sources to untold number of people not only in Africa, but around the world.

Please read Kurt’s two-page article (PDF) on pages 11-12 for a full understanding of the problems and WWFA’s solutions.