Paul Machiiza

Deputy Program Director

Paul MachiizaPaul is responsible for all finances, budgeting, reporting, and cash disbursement. He is involved in planning, conducting all field work such as need verification, drilling supervision, CBM supervision, and other assigned duties. He also provides other technical help for the organization.

Growing up in a village and dealing with the same problems that people are still facing now, it feels good to be part of the team that is eliminating these challenges by giving them hope for a better future with clean and close water. With Water Wells for Africa, I am privileged to be able to see a girl finishing school, families that are happy and healthy, and also transformed communities with access to a road and other infrastructures that comes because of a borehole that the WWFA donors provide.

Amos Mntangwanika, Isaac Chikonde, Paul Machiiza
Amos Mntangwanika, Isaac Chikonde, Paul Machiiza

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