What’s the Cost to Build a Well

A Holistic Approach

A common question to ask is, ” How much does a well cost?” It is similar to asking “How much does a car cost?” The answer depends on a lot of factors. What do you want to use the car for? What kind of car do you need? There is not “one price” for a car. Likewise, there are many variables in the price of a well.

To name a few examples, the cost of a well depends on materials, labor wages, depth of the well, type of pump and remoteness of the village. These are all relative fixtures.

The Average

WWFA’s average cost per well is $ 8,000 USD.   Please be advised that this cost is relative to our remote work in Malawi; should we expand into another country this will likely be different. Sometimes with a dry well we must redo the hydrogeological survey and perform an expensive re-drill. 

However, this amount includes more than drilling a hole and installing a pump. We mobilize the formation of the 10-member village water committee to oversee the maintenance of the new water well. We also provide the village with hygiene and sanitation training. The week-long training is essential for the water well to continue functioning, and without hygienic practices, clean water doesn’t stay clean. Without good sanitation habits, the water is easily tainted and loses its effectiveness in reducing health problems because people are still exposing themselves to disease.

Like a Small Pizza

Each well serves a minimum of 500 people. That means it costs $16.00 to give a person clean water and help them live long and live better. Is that expensive? Not by any means. You can use the equivalent amount money it takes to buy a small pizza to supply a person with clean water for 20 years. That’s an appetizing thought!

If you’d like to contribute towards a well or fund the entire amount, please visit our donation page. Another option is to do a personal fundraiser to raise either the entire amount or whatever your goal amount is. To create your own fundraising page and do what our successful supporter Brittany did (see the inspiring video below!) please visit our Wishing Well page to get started.

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Now that you know about the technical and financial aspects of our water well implementation, please see how we work with the local residents.