Water Abounds with 22 WWFA Projects So Far in 2019

We’re happy to report that we’ve been very busy this year installing water wells in Malawi Africa.

We’ve already completed projects in the following 22 villages:

  1. Katete / Dymon
  2. Chikumba
  3. Mwikawa
  4. Swalele
  5. Muwoma
  6. Lingande
  7. Kasugulu
  8. Manja
  9. Khungwa
  10. Nkhwanda
  11. Malinje
  12. Mtemula
  13. Maliwata
  14. Solobala
  15. Mwilicha 2
  16. Ndambala Vg
  17. Maonga Vg
  18. Manyungwa
  19. Chibwana
  20. Mwikawa 2
  21. Watota
  22. New Beginnings School Blantyre

The celebrations are joyful in these villages. They are relieved and happy to have close and clean water!

In addition to drilling wells this year, in the summer of 2019 we also visited many villages who received wells from WWFA last year (in 2018).

One of them was Kawelama Village. We spoke with Suya Muluku who is 56 years old. Her great grandparents came from Mozambique to Kawelama so she knows the history of this village. We talked with her during the water well dedication ceremony. She passionately shared with us, “We have never had a well. We gave up hope! Now we are so happy. We used to be sick every month. Now, no one is sick.”

During our celebration, all of the Kawelama villagers sang a song: “We will never stop thanking Water Wells for bringing water.”

2019 – More Wells to Come

Our team in Malawi currently surveying sites to receive water wells before the end of the year.

Thank you for caring about people in need. Stay tuned for more exciting news about villages celebrating new water wells on Facebook and Instagram!