Greetings from Malawi!


With the Covid-19 pandemic we have come up against challenges with traveling, however, after 2 long years we finally have the opportunity to return to Malawi and visit our newest developments. As it is now, in 2021, we have over 70 Water Well projects to visit and dedicate. Our site inspection team has just landed in Malawi and is already hard at work. So far, we have seen an overwhelmingly positive impact of those families and villages that have received their new sustainable and accessible water sources. One of our team’s main focuses here on the ground is to record and share the impact and results of what we are doing here in Malawi. Over the course of the next few weeks and months we will be posting to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Make sure you are following us to get the latest updates regarding the work we are doing and the people being impacted!

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