We’ve just arrived back into the city of Blantyre after 2 weeks of water well dedications out in the villages of Malawi. We were able to sing, dance, and laugh with so many wonderful people as we dedicated 30 different wells. 

We will be in the city for a few more days and will be welcoming a few more team members from America (including our founder / president Kurt Dahlin) on Wednesday, June 16. Once they arrive, we will head back out into the villages in the Mangochi area of Malawi. We will be dedicating a number of wells that we placed in schools to help with their COVID-19 efforts, as well as other wells up in the hills of Phililongwe.

Here are a few highlights from our first two weeks in the field:

Kandodo Village - Milky Water No More

Idi Shaibu (pictured) took us to the marsh where they used to get water. It was shared by the goats, cows, and other wild animals. He said “Now that there is a water well here, life is so different now.”

M’Linga Village - Chased by a Wild Boar

M’linga is a small village is right next to a large forest preserve full of wild monkeys and other animals. This lady Ameni told us that she once was chased away from their old water hole by a wild boar! She is grateful that boars cannot get water from the new water pump and that they “can get water now without fear.”

Mpata School - Student hit by a car on the Highway

Children at Mpata school used to have to cross this highway in order to get water at the well across the street. Tragically last year, a student was hit and killed. Thanks to some generous WWFA donors, Mpata school now has a water well on this side, so students don’t have to cross any longer. Moreover, having a well at the school has helped immensely in regard to Covid 19, in that the children can now easily wash their hands and the teachers can more easily sanitize their classroom. Just another way that having clean and accessible water is helping.

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