Thumba Village, T/A Ngokwe, Machinga

Thumba itself has 32 families and immediately surrounded by 7 villages with 54 families.

We hope to be able to install a borehole.  It would be expected to provide clean, safe and sustainable water to a total of 86 families of around 400 people.  The nearest borehole is 3 km or 1.9 miles away.

We learned the following by interviewing Thumba residents:

  • They have a shallow pit as their current source of water.  Of the 6 people we interviewed, 4 of them had diarrhea at that time.
  • So far, 15 people have suffered from diarrhea this year.
  • They share the water source with livestock and wild animals.
  • Students sometimes don’t go to school due to lack of water or long wait at the water source.
  • Sometimes families miss meals due to lack of water which can expose the children to malnutrition.
  • Farming is also disturbed due to the same reasons above.
  • During the dry season, they wait at the water source for approximately 5 hours.

A new water well will bring clean water closer to the village and will be immediately accessible all day long.