———- July 2014 Update———-

The well in Tawina has been completed. Thank you for you support and generosity!

Plaque Name: Mo Bohsali

Installation Date: 5/19/2014

Location: S 14°28.931 E 035°15.676

Village: Nsenga / Tawina Trust

DSCF2475 Mo






———- September 2012 Update———-


The people of Tawina Trust are currently using open air sources and surface water. The points are congested and contaminated.


Current Status:

  • Because the wells are open and unprotected, wild animals, livestock and dogs do drink from these.
  • The water points  are at a long distance from the houses so people have to walk very long distance to get water. They have to go in groups because the path is through the forest and many snakes have been spotted along the path.



  • Location: S 14°28.931     E  035°15.676
  • Distance from Mangochi District Council Office. 19.3 Miles (31km)
  • Village: Nsenga
  • T/A.: Mponda
  • Number of Water points used: 4
  • Description of the water points:  Open air. Contaminated. Far from the village.


This girl cannot draw water because someone just put a bucket over the well indicating that she has to draw water first.

Tawina 1


A bucket showing that someone was here and is waiting for water to accumulate and since she has other things to do at home, she has just left the bucket and gone home to attend to other things.  If she comes back and find someone drawing water before filling this bucket, there will be hot fight whereby buckets will be destroyed.

Tawina 2