The Incredible Story of Nchiwa





For Kurt Dahlin (Founder/President) visiting Nchiwa village to see WWFA’s first well was a day to savor. Built in May 1996, WWFA’s “Old Faithful” is still working. The WWFA team has visited the village multiple times over the years, but for Kurt this was his first reunion. Because we originally took extra measures to train a Maintenance Committee on preserving the well the people of Nchiwa have sustained the use of their prized possession.


As significant and special as this is, there is little time to revel in what has been done. WWFA has surveyed and targeted 100 locations that are in the same position Nchiwa was in 16 years ago. Unclean water is a deceptive foe, a secretively destructive enemy, but it can be beaten. What WWFA does in these villages, what you do through your support of our work, is a serious matter. It’s serious that—right now—children are dying from preventable water-borne diseases. It’s serious that something can be done. And it’s serious joy when a water well is drilled!


With you as our partner, we can do even more. Will you help us create some serious joy during this season of giving?


Give the joy of clean water, and let their joy be your’s