Dedication: Siobhan Leahy and Dylan Wiliam

Installation Date: May 27, 2019

Village: Mmanja Village
District: Machinga
Country: Malawi
Persons using this well: Approximately 300

GPS Location:  See bottom of page.

Dedication Video


2019 Photos

This well is dedicated to Siobhan Leahy and Dylan Wiliam.
This well is dedicated to Siobhan Leahy and Dylan Wiliam.
Guys making bricks for a new home using water from the well.

Pre-Borehole Notes (Mar 2018)

Mmanja Village, T/A Ngokwe, Machinga

Mmanja has 15 families.  Three other villages share the same water source.  The surrounding villages have a total household number of around 95.  If we are successful installing a water well here, it is expected to assist 110 households with approximately 550 people to be using it.  The nearest borehole is 2 kms or 1.2 miles away.

Currently, the local people are experiencing these difficulties:

  •  Diarrhea is often experienced, due to unsafe water.  This year alone, around 30 people have suffered from diarrhea.
  • Some children have dropped out of school and others go to school very late because of the long lines waiting at the shallow ditch to get water.
  • There have been some family problems due to water scarcity.  Husbands suspect the their wives were somewhere other than the water source due to long hours away from home waiting at the current polluted source.
  • The long wait at the water source keeps the ladies from farming, a thing which is a main source of income for them so as a result, the circle of poverty continues.
A group of women in Mmanja village drawing water from a shallow open swamp.


GPS Location