Mkwanda Village, T/A Ngokwe, Machinga

Mkwanda has 42 households or families.  There are 7 other villages that utilize the current water source with a total of 87 households.

When the new borehole is hopefully installed in this village area, 142 families are expected to benefit from it with a population of around 600 people.  The next borehole from this village is 2.5 kms or 1.6 miles away.

Following are negative aspects of their current situation:

  • The current water source is too far and unsafe.  During the dry season, people must step into the pond to draw the water.
  • This year alone, 7 people have suffered from waterborne diarrhea.
  • There was a cholera outbreak two years ago.
  • Women skip farming due to long lines waiting for water.  The need for water is a priority that results in low crop yields and continual slavery to poverty.

When the new borehole is installed, there will be reduced poverty as women will have time to participate in farming and community development.  There will be reduced diarrhea cases and greater health.  Families will have more time together rather than women and young girls spending more of their time finding and collecting water.

Water source for Mkwanda Village
Elina, 60 year-old woman from Mkwanda, carries her bucket of dirty water