Dedication: Brittany Harris, Her Family and Many Friends #6

Installation Date: May 13, 2016

Village: Malemeza Village
District: Ntcheu
Country: Malawi
GPS Location: See Bottom of Page

2016 Photos

malemeza1 malemeza2 malemeza3 malemeza4 malemeza5  malemeza7 malemeza8 malemeza6malemeza9 malemezano10

2015 Predevelopment Update

Kind of water points: Open pit wells as pictured below.
People usually get sick because of the water since animals such as dogs and other wild animals drink from the same. Fifteen people have died after getting sick from waterborne diseases.
There is a need to put 2 boreholes.

The other borehole to be at 36L 0681387 UTM 8327208.
Malemeza 1


Malemeza 2

GPS Location