Dedication:  Jim and Kathy Nobilione

Installation Date: April 26, 2020


Village: Kwipulumbu
District: Mangochi
Country: Malawi

Households using this well: Approximately 100

GPS Location:  See bottom of page


2021 Photos

Pre-Borehole Notes

Difficulties these villagers faced:

  • Men and women used to spend time in making several shallow wells
  • During rainy season the water was very dirty
  • They were spending a lot of time at the water source
  • People used to get sick of diarrhea
  • Sometimes they could drink water at the same pool with snakes and monkeys
  • Now men will be able to have garden through spilled water
  • People are very appreciative
  • They use to have cholera – three people suffered from cholera during the previous rainy season 

GPS Location