Khobwe Village, T/A Ngokwe, Machinga

Khobwe has 57 families and is surrounded by 9 other villages with 100 households.

If WWFA can raise the funds to install a water well here, there is a total of 157 households with a population of around 600 that would be expected to benefit from clean sustainable water.

The next borehole is 1.5 kms or almost 1 mile away.

The families of this area face the following issues:

  • Most children get diarrhea and this causes class absenteeism.  During this rainy season alone, there have been 40 waterborne diarrhea cases.
  • During the dry season, they spend around 6 hours waiting for water and this makes women miss some community developmental works.
  • They have killed several snakes at the water well.
  • Waiting at the water hole plus the far distance to the school makes it impossible for young girls to attend school.
  • 2 people did die approximately two years ago, due to diarrhea.
Sick child