Dedication:  Brittany Harris and Family

Installation Date: August 8, 2020

Village: Juma Village #2B
District: Thyolo
Country: Malawi

GPS Location:  See bottom of page.

2021 Photos

Pre-Borehole Notes

Difficulties these villagers faced:

  • Water source was a hand dug well along the Nagahena River and would sometimes produce dirty water.
  • Sometimes the wait at the water source would be 3 hours.
  • Very difficult to access the well during the rainy season.  Women would fall and break buckets.
  • School children would be late for school due to long wait at the water source.
  • During the rainy season, people would get diarrhea and 7 people suffered from cholera.
  • Mothers would spend some much time getting water that their children would go hungry.