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Who We Are

We have been building water wells in rural Africa since 1996.

We believe clean water is the first step out of poverty, and that those without any should have it first.

Our Water Wells Must Meet These Requirements:


Tech is great, but if a villager needs to order a part from Germany to fix a broken well, it just won't happen.


98% of our wells continue to function after 10 years because of our unique model of community ownership.


We go where no where else is going and give clean water access to people who've never had clean water in their lives.

Take a look at some of our completed and current projects.
A Silent Emergency: bad water is killing people and destroying lives.
Gift of a Lifetime: with clean water a generation can succeed.

Sponsor an Entire Water Well for $8,000

We've had families, companies, legacy funds, and teenage kids completely sponsor water projects.




One might assume that more technology means more water. Such is not always the case when working in rural Africa.

The Cost

No two wells are ever the same. Read about the various costs that are included in our projects.


Our most powerful key to sustainability. Find out how our wells keep operating year after year.



How To Build A Well

Want to know how we do it? Review the 3 phases to our projects from beginning to end.

Recent News

Water is Necessary for Brick-Making

Water is vital for life—both the sustaining of life and improving living conditions—so that’s why we are happy that #WorldWaterWeek is bringing focus to the many issues around the availability and cleanliness of water. Water Wells for Africa

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Gardens Grow Due to Water Wells

Today in recognition of #WorldWaterWeek, we’re celebrating this WWFA water well which was placed in Lita village. Their neighbors in the villages of Juma and Loro also use this well. WWFA drilled 45 meters deep to strike water

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A Tale of Two Villages – Juma and Mthikila

In honor of World Water Week, we’re sharing stories of water wells we installed previously and just recently went back to visit. Thirty Families Benefit from WWFA Water Well Juma and Mthikila are villages located in the northern

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