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In Africa, the close-knit ties of a kinship are provided through the notion of common “blood” and forms a person’s identity and powerful sense of belonging.

In this case, our Kinship Circle is a collective of people who have committed to making a difference through their ongoing support of WWFA. With a shared passion for clean water development, the monthly gifts of the The Kinship Circle keep the fresh water flowing!

Monthly giving as a Kinship Circle member is easy, secure, and saves time for both you and our staff. You simply authorize us to receive a monthly gift from any of these types of accounts:

*Using your checking or savings account is preferred, because we will receive your full gift rather than losing a percentage to credit card processing fees! Please go to our checking account enrollment page now.

It’s easy to sign-up! Just use the form below to give by credit/debit card (all donations processed in U.S. Dollars) or visit our checking/savings account signup page.

Join our Kinship Circle of life-savers today!

You can easily make changes or stop your contributions at any time by contacting us:
please call (310) 995-7079 or email at

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it along with your instructions to make it a monthly donation, to:
WWFA, PO Box 635, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

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