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New Beginnings Secondary School

Blantyre School Water Tower Project

We’re currently working on a water tower project for a secondary school in Malawi that has been without an adequate water supply for a long time. Due to their location, a deep water well is not possible. But with the guidance of local Malawian experts, we’re working on a water catchment and retaining system that will serve them for years to come!  Read More Below

Follow Our Progress

Materials Gathered
Bricks, sand, and rocks are brought in for the construction of the water towers.
Materials Gathered
Digging & Leveling
Workers have dug the hole and begin to level in preparation of brick work and concrete.
Digging & Leveling
Underground Bricks Laid
Final underground bricks laid.
Underground Bricks Laid
Concrete Preparation
Underground bricks are leveled and prepped for concrete.
Concrete Preparation
Completed Foundation
Concrete has been poured and the foundation is complete.
Completed Foundation
Above Ground Bricks
Workers have begun the above ground brick work.
Above Ground Bricks

New Beginnings Secondary School – H2O Harvest for High School

District: Blantyre, Malawi

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New Beginnings Secondary School (NBSS) started its operations in 2004 in Blantyre, Malawi with 2 classes.  Over the years, NBSS has developed both in students’ enrollment and infrastructure.  The number of students has increased from 9 in 2004 to 270 in 2019, representing a 3000% increase.  The students’ ages range from 14 years to 20 years; they are all high school students.

Infrastructure-wise, NBSS has grown from two classroom blocks to having a new classroom block, a fence, and new students’ toilets.

The Need:

With the increase of student enrollment, NBSS is faced with an acute water supply challenge. They temporarily averted their problem with the available supply of water from Blantyre Water Board (BWB) which is the sole water supplier to Blantyre City. However, BWB has not been consistent in their supply of water.

NBSS has had water shortages as long as three weeks. In such cases, NBSS has been hiring extra laborers to look around the city for water which creates a halt in the normal operations of the school.

We at Water Wells for Africa (WWFA) funded the drilling of the borehole recently, but unfortunately, there was no water found.  We tried drilling in more than one location to no avail.

Hence, the on-campus solution: To harvest water and store it in tanks.

The Cost:

Phase One – water storage:  $8,000

4 tanks, pipes and connectors, bricks, cement, wood, nails, and quarry dust, quarry stone, soft wire, reinforcement bars, poles, and more supplies; also transport and labor (builder, plumber).

Phase Two – harvesting rain water:  $5,000

5 tanks, pipes and connectors, bricks, cement, wood, nails, and more supplies; also transport and labor (builder, plumber).

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Provide health and clean water to all students and staff.
    • Drinking water.
    • Hygiene: Washing of hands and other sanitary use. 
    • Toilets: NBSS has two flush toilets used by school staff. 
  • Gardening:
    • The harvested water will be used to water vegetables.
    • NBSS teaches a class on agriculture so this requires practical work of gardening, hence watering of the crops. 
    • For beautification of the campus, to water flower beds and lawn. 
  • Bricks:
    • NBSS is still in the growing stage hence need to add blocks to increase learning space and expand enrollment. This is why there is need to mold bricks using the harvested water. 
  • Consistent Clean Water Source:
    • Have constant water supply throughout the year, even in the dry seasons.
    • The burden on our women (and hired laborers) to fetch water to and fro within the city will be completely relieved.
  • Reduced Financial Costs:
    • Costs incurred on purchased water will be drastically reduced since NBSS will have no-cost harvested water.
  • Eliminated Opportunity Costs:
    • Time will no longer be wasted due to school delays and other problems that are caused by the lack of water sources.
    • Time will no longer be spent seeking out sources of clean water.
    • Administrators will be able to focus on educational issues instead of water resource issues.
    • School will not have to be closed due to lack of water.

Your support is much-needed! Please visit our special donation page to contribute to this worthy cause.

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