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Mwinkawa Village

Mwinkawa Village, T/A Ngokwe, Machinga

Mwinkawa has 200 households and 4 surrounding villages.  In total, the 4 surrounding villages have households totaling 631.

If we can raise the funds to install a well, it will benefit 831 families, serving around 4,000 people.  This is too many people to utilize one water well.  Our recommendation is to install a new water well for each cluster of about 700 people, so we will work on installing more in this area.  The next borehole is at a distance of 2 kms or 1.2 miles away.

Difficulties these villagers currently face:

  • School children are going very late to school.
  • Last year, 4 people suffered from cholera and 2 people died of it.  More than 10 people have already experienced diarrhea this year.
  • Due to the long wait at the water source, families have had some problems. 3 families were divorced due to issues pertaining to water as the husbands were suspecting their wives of going out with other men and only pretending that they were getting water.
30 year-old Bertha Champion drawing contaminated water