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POPULATION: 863 people

In this village they have two hand dug open wells that they all flock to together with other people from other villages. They queue there waiting for their turn to fill the bucket. They use a small 5Liter bucket tied to a rope and lowered into the well and pulled up after it is filled with water. Then pour the water into a take home bucket and lower it again and again until the take home bucket is full.  There is no river in this village and this means that everything and every activity  that needs water depends on these two wells. This affects students because the situation forces them to wear dirty clothes and even missing baths. At school they are always laughed at by those who have an easy access to water in their villages. During the dry season both wells dries up and people go to Mwantimba River in Mataka village by bicycles to draw water. Others go to a borehole which is very far away and the only way is by using a bicycle of which not every family has one. They make sure that once they struggle and manage to get 20 liters of water nobody has to waste that by bathing. It is only for drinking and cooking. This is what I was told by Mr Ishmael, “We no longer go for prayers in our mosque because we can not go into a prayer house without taking a bath. Since we do not have water for taking a full bath we do not go to the mosque and this is affecting our spiritual and religious life.” This is true because looking at the people you can easily testify that these people have skipped baths and have not washed for some time. Only when the rain comes is when the Moslems will resume attending prayers and students will no longer be mocked for not taking baths and wearing dirty school uniform. This area also needs two borehole. The other borehole may be located at 36L 0719761 UTM 8406592