Doing the work of installing water wells since 1996, Water Wells for Africa (WWFA) officially registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2008.



WWFA promotes rural African community development by providing sustainable water sources and reducing health risks associated with contaminated water.


WWFA believes in honoring indigenous African cultures and their way of life. We work cooperatively with local leadership to empower them towards sustaining the development of their community.



On one trip in September 1994, Kurt Dahlin traveled extensively to southern Malawi. For the first time in his life he saw how people struggle for single bucket of dirty and diseased water.  He was compelled to find a way to bring the treasure of pure water to a thirsty people.

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$1 can return $9 in economic value to a rural community when invested in water infrastructure and sanitation.


  • We don't build the water well for them. We teach them and have them build it "hands on" along side with us. We provide materials, the mud drilling, funding to source out locations suitable for water wells. If the well ever runs into a problem and stops working, the village people now know how to fix it. This is not our well, this is their well. They now truly own their own water well, providing clean water to their families. This is one of the reasons why we have wells almost 20 years old that are functioning and continuing to provide clean water to families all across Africa to this day. | Learn more at www.waterwellsforafrica.org


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