Uthwa is one of two locations WWFA visited in the summer of 2012 with. The need was urgent. It is located in the lowlands of the Phalmobe district of Malawi. One rickety old pump nearby was being used by 7 villages. Thousands of people over-depending on an under-performing well is obviously not an ideal situation. Upon further discussion with twelve village headmen, WWFA concluded there was ample opportunity for us to do more.

When we concluded our survey the community began to sing and celebrate the prospect of ample clean water coming to their homes. The mood was one of great hope. As drilling began muddy soil proved extremely challenging, and we saw many setbacks, which included the first hole collapsing and our compressor being damaged. We are very thankful that the WWFA team, though delayed, was able to drill 3 successful boreholes for the 4 surrounding villages. Two locations failed to produce adequate water, however WWFA additionally rehabilitated three wells in the area which had previously broken down. The last of our work in Uthwa concluded in September of 2013 brining fresh water to 6,500 people in this district.

We will visit the Uthwa communities in the summer of 2014 and provide further updates.

The GeoEye Foundation

WWFA is also very grateful for the GeoEye Foundation, a subsidiary of the satellite image company GeoEye. Uthwa is the first project we have collaborated on together which helped make this possible.

Learn more about this partnership and what it means for future projects.

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