Uthwa is one of two locations WWFA visited in the summer of 2012 with. The need was urgent. It is located in the lowlands of the Phalmobe district of Malawi. One rickety old pump nearby was being used by 7 villages. Thousands of people over-depending on an under-performing well is obviously not an ideal situation. Upon further discussion with twelve village headmen, WWFA concluded there was ample opportunity for us to do more.

When we concluded our survey the community began to sing and celebrate the prospect of ample clean water coming to their homes. The mood was one of great hope.

Here are some of the Phalombe Projects we’ve finished:

1. Thuluwa Village

2. Lupia Village

3. Namangala Village

4. Mwangala Village

5. Hapara Village

6. Tambalika Village

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