The Malawi Mountain Project

————— a difficult terrain, a resilient people —————

In July 2007, Water Wells For Africa inspected the remote Lulwe Mountains of Malawi. However, it would take years before we could formulate a plan of action. Emboldened by the fortitude of those we met we immediately began to seek funding to put in 5 water wells in the summer of 2010.


  ————— well worth the effort —————

In July 2011, the WWFA inspection tour visited the Lulwe Mountains in Southern Malawi where we had recently constructed 5 new wells. This project was difficult because of the remoteness of the location and fuel shortages that Malawi is facing. The success of this project is the region’s first clean water ever, which makes it all the more joyful.


Learn about the Konje well, a community in the Lulwe Mountains, and part of our Malawi Mountain Project.

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$1 can return $9 in economic value to a rural community when invested in water infrastructure and sanitation.


  • A sustainable water source does so much for village. It lets them plant more produce that wouldn't grow during the dry season. It gives them more time to work during the day (since they're not wasting time walking for water). And it gives them more to sell at the market to raise their lives out of poverty. #breakthepovertycycle #wwfa12daysofchristmas #waterislife


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