We’re excited to introduce you to Teresa through this short video:


Isn’t this a wonderfully uplifting message?

Because of involvement by partners like you, Teresa and others can celebrate the water well in their village.  It is saving lives right now.

However, as we look toward 2015 we’ve already identified more than 100 villages just like this…all in need of clean water.

Your financial support, united with our field experience and know-how, is a powerful and literally life-saving force!

You have the chance to directly change the lives—and save the lives—of more villagers, more children, and more “Teresas” by helping them gain their own precious source of health and life: a water well of their own.

Please make TODAY the day that you give your generous gift of help!

Thank you.


Please take a moment to donate below and bring water to thousands of others just like Teresa.





$1 can return $9 in economic value to a rural community when invested in water infrastructure and sanitation.


  • Imagine that this stagnant pond is your only source of water. You have to drink it, wash your clothes in it, bathe in it. And animals come to the same place to drink!

This is how cholera is spread.

Our goal is to ensure every village in Malawi doesn't have to use this type of water source, but rather, has an accessible source of water from a WWFA water well!  Watch this video to see how one water well can change MANY lives! http://waterwellsforafrica.org/teresa/

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