Swim-a-Thon in Manhattan Beach to Raise Funds for Water Wells

Sunday, May 28th, 3-6pm @ Begg Pool
Manhattan Beach, CA

WHY:  The SWIM-A-THON FOR AFRICA event will raise funds for new water projects in rural Africa. Join the team by participating in this exciting SWIM-A-THON event. Your efforts will help thousands of African villagers receive their first clean and sustainable water source, health education, and much, much more.

WHO:  You, your friends, family, co-workers and WATER WELLS FOR AFRICA!

Use your swimming ability to transform lives with WATER WELLS FOR AFRICA this summer! Participating in this event will allow you and all of your friends and family members to partner with Water Wells For Africa to promote clean water, health, education and hygiene training in Malawi, Africa.

WHAT:  As a participant, your mission is to get sponsors to pledge a donation for each lap you can swim in one hour. Alternative to the per lap donation, your sponsor could also pledge to give any lump sum amount they are comfortable with. Note: The pool is shallow so you can “walk” your laps.  Boy Scouts can also earn the Mile Swim Award.

WHERE:  Begg Pool: 1402 North Peck Avenue, Manhattan Beach. Invite your sponsors and friends to watch you swim! We will be selling refreshments; all proceeds to WWFA!

WHEN:  Sunday, May 28, 2017. You must arrive and sign-in by 3:00 pm. Bring a friend to count your laps. Your 1-hour swim begins promptly at 3:30pm!

HOW:  (1) Register for SWIM FOR AFRICA by calling, Irma Dahlin 310-293-8836.
(2) Begin talking to everyone you know and sign up your sponsors for pledges! (3) For info on sponsors and pledges, please turn to your “SPONSOR SHEET.”



Donations & Schedule


(1) Begin by telling everyone you know about your swim! Tell them how you became a part of the WWFA team and why you support this worthy cause to help bring clean water those in disparate need.

(2) When someone agrees to sponsor your swim fill out all of their contact information on the form below.
>> PLEASE, do not leave any blanks <<.

(3) After the swim YOU will HAVE to contact your sponsors and arrange collecting your pledge money from them! For example, if someone pledges 25 cents per lap and you swim 70 laps, you will need to collect (0.25 x 70) $17.50 from that sponsor!

(4) You will have 10 days to collect your pledges and turn-in the funds by June 7th. To submit the funds to WWFA: (1) Locally, you can turn the funds over to Irma Dahlin 310-293-8836. (2) You can take cash you collected to the bank and get a money order; mail it in with a list of donors and how much each one donated. Mail to WWFA address below.

People can also make a straight donation without going through the pledge process. As you begin talking to people about WWFA and the swim, you may find that they want to donate directly. That is great! They can donate cash or checks – see options below:

ONLINE:  Visit our website: waterwellsforafrica.org/donate-online. Identify that the donation is from the Swim-a-Thon: Make sure you write a comment and/or email us.

CASH: must be turned-in at the event.

CHECKS: must be payable to Water Wells For Africa, and can be turned-in at the event or mailed to: WATER WELLS FOR AFRICA

P.O. Box 635

Manhattan Beach, CA, 90267


THANK you once again! See you at the SWIM!


Event Begins                       3:00pm
Swim-A-Thon begins          3:30pm
Swim-A-Thon ends             4:30pm
Free Swim begins               4:30pm
Free Swim ends                  5:30pm
BBQ Starts                           4:30pm
Music Starts                        4:30pm
Music Ends                          6:00pm
CLEAN-UP                            6-7pm

THANK YOU for being part of life-giving work through WATER WELLS FOR AFRICA!

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P.O. Box 635
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267
+1.310.995.7079 (M-F, 9-5 PST)