Mangochi District

The Mangochi district is in the mountains at the southern end of Lake Malawi.

It is our goal to put 10 wells in this very needy area in 2015.

With the geneorous support of our donors WWFA has been able to install 4 new boreholes in 2014.

1. Kalima

2. Tawina Trust

3. Mnema (Chileka River)

4. Kapalulu


Our in-country representative, Edwin White, has recently returned from the difficult trip to Mangochi and finished the preliminary hydrological survey on our next 6 sites. When the current rains subside and access is possible WWFA will begin the next phase to bring fresh clean water.

Women leave as early as 4 A.M. to get water and they have to go in groups and there they also queue. Water is contaminated and carries diseases and many people have been having cholera and diarrhea. We are excited about providing the first clean sustainable water sources in this region.


Current water sources in Mangochi

Maone 3 Maone 2 Maone 1 Kapalulu 2 Tawina 1 2

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