Katema, is in the mountains at the southern portion of Lake Malawi. The nearest health clinic is hours walking distance away, making it difficult for residents to receive treatment. Speaking with a local health official at the Katema Health Clinic WWFA learned about the difficulty of treating the populace. Understaffed and under-sourced,  they confessed that containing cholera outbreaks, among other water related diseases, is difficult. Recent attempts from some of the elders to obtain water resulted in one well. However, this is not nearly sufficient.


Margaret, a 15 year old 7th grader collects her family’s water from the dwindling streams that flow from the mountain. We accompanied her walk up the mountain 45 minutes to collect polluted water full of algae. This was only one of three trips she makes daily; one before school, one after, and one at night. The treacherous hike is steep and slippery. She is determined to finish her education, but her duties at home are putting it at risk.

WWFA would like to be the first water for the residents of Katema by providing 10 wells. We have begun drilling on three wells and with your help can finishing drilling the remaining 7 in the summer of 2014.

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$1 can return $9 in economic value to a rural community when invested in water infrastructure and sanitation.


  • A sustainable water source does so much for village. It lets them plant more produce that wouldn't grow during the dry season. It gives them more time to work during the day (since they're not wasting time walking for water). And it gives them more to sell at the market to raise their lives out of poverty. #breakthepovertycycle #wwfa12daysofchristmas #waterislife


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