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Water Wells For Africa is proud to introduce our new partnership and case study with The GeoEye Foundation. A subsidiary of GeoEye, The Foundation provides satellite imagery to students, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to advance research in numerous fields including human rights, defense and intelligence, public safety, healthcare, critical infrastructure, energy, environmental change and archaeology. Their services could prove integral to our future work. We have been working in rural communities in Southern Africa for the last 16 years to bring clean safe drinking water to those who have none. One of the more difficult tasks we are faced with when beginning any project is where to place the well.

how it helps

In this, our goal has always been for it to be centrally located for equal access to everyone. This ensures no households are too far from the new well and it maximizes the well’s use. While we have historically accomplished this with a physical survey, GeoEye’s services are a drastic improvement. We recently collaborated on our Uthwa Project in Malawi. GeoEye provided a well suitability report for 3 sites and included recommendations for additional areas to be further surveyed by WWFA.  We are currently using their recommendations to finalize the drilling of two wells. This kind of information will ultimately save us a lot of future work and improve the accuracy of our services to rural communities. Learn more about The GeoEye Foundation.

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$1 can return $9 in economic value to a rural community when invested in water infrastructure and sanitation.


  • These kids were skipping school because they make this 5 mile trip, 7 times a day, to bring water back to their families; and this was their only water source. This river is dirty, contaminated, and unsafe for drinking. Without an education and without healthy families, the cycle of poverty never ends. Just two months ago we planted a water well right in the heart of their village! Clean drinking water | The first step to ending the cycle of poverty.


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